Heh, wat vervelend nou. Speciaal voor ons komt Sigur Rós een gratis concert geven in Reykjavík, precies 3 dagen nadat ik er ben aangekomen. Kan je je voorstellen hoe vervelend dat is om zulk nieuws in je mailbox aan te treffen :)
Hoera! Iets meer dan een jaar na de eerste keer zie ik ze alweer voor de derde keer!

Those of you who will be arriving in Iceland before 30. July may be interested in attending a free outdoor concert that the Icelandic rock band SigurRos will be holding. The concert starts at 20.30 (8:30pm) on Sunday, the 30th of July. It will be held outdoors at Klambratún, the park surrounding Kjarvalsstaðir-Reykjavík Art Museum.

I’m sure many of you will be familiar with SigurRos. They are a very unique band and have made quite a name for themselves internationally with their enigmatic music and live shows. You can find more information on SigurRos at their web site: http://www.sigur-ros.is/

Wat vervelend nou…

hey.. .are you from were?¿? do you speak englishh i just create my new blog.. and i was looking somethig from this band.. sigur ros i like a lot and i find you so,, i dont know how does this work.. but can you write or something-!!